Serena Bartok Jewellery Designs

Designs inspired by the natural beauty of British Columbia.

Artist Statement


   My work has always been influenced by the beauty of nature, I find it everywhere. Its complexities, intricate delicate details, its connections to itself and the world. But what has begun to really grip my attention is the fierceness, the powerful and protective side of nature and its fight for survival our ever intruding urban jungle. It's always delighted me when I see nature prevail despite the odds. A dropped seed, and a plant has sprung in an unlikely place, eventually causing the pavement to crack and buckle. Nature refusing to conform. The power of nature draws me in, yet sometimes terrifies me. I really don't desire to suddenly become breakfast  for a hungry carnivore while enjoying my morning java.....but I always want that world to exist, thrive and flourish, to fight and win. For there to be a place for all of creation. With this passion my current works are seemingly unconnected.....however, flowers do come with thorns, and those delicate tentacles may very well be deadly poisonous!