Serena Bartok Jewellery Designs

Designs inspired by the natural beauty of British Columbia.

With a passion for the natural world and a background in ecological sciences, it is important to me to not just use the natural beauty of the west coast as a never ending source of inspiration, but to create ecologically responsible jewellery pieces.

 I take great care thinking about what, and how I produce my lines.

Using reclaimed/recycled sterling silver, a wee bit of gold and argentium,  I create each and every piece in my collections using my own two hands and traditional goldsmithing techniques in my shared east Vancouver studio space.



The vast majority of my jewellery pieces are hand fabricated using a jewellers saw and a few hand tools.

Any New metals are purchased from a company with high environmental and social ethics and I "recycle" melt down my scraps into new sheet and wire, or castings, instead of sending them to a refinery.

Taking pride in producing high quality jewelery I use hard solder in my sterling designs, depletion guild or file off firescale to prevent future discoloration of the pieces.

Argentium is a modern completely recycled alloy which requires no solder, only the heat of a torch to bond components together, it also resists tarnishing so it’s very low maintenance. Along with pieces throughout my collections, my Ocean Waves collection is created entirely from this alloy. Each piece is individually hand crafted, so each pair of earrings or ring will be different from the next. Just like waves crashing on the surf each one is unique.